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Re-member your birthright

New Year 2015 Meditation

This year's 2015 meditation is all about re-membering our birthright.

wish everyone. everywhere. everytime all the best and re-member your
full potential and create your reality of your dreams - NOW/Jetzt!

Re-member your birthright, now and always deep within your divine sparkle. Blossom up and shine inside out. Now/jetzt!

Imagine that a pink-gold-white rose flower blossoms up in your heart. Now/jetzt!

your divine sparkle deep within you – let it shine. Let it blossom. You
only have to re-member who you truely are: love.light.wisdom.

Re-member your holy grail deep within you. Your divine sparkle. Your divine creator gift. Create your reality which makes you whole. This is your birthright. Feel it, re-member it. Life it. Now/jetzt!

into the holy grail and absorb the pure light. Pure love and pure
wisdom deep within you. Now it will accompain you and nurture you on
your life path. Because it’s your birthright! Now/Jetzt!

Everytime you read it, you re-member more and more!

#bethebestyou / #nothingelsematters / #shinedeepwithinyou

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