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    Re-member your birthright and fully live your potential!

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    The creative allrounder worked successfully in different working fields in Austria and abroad. By her interest in corporate communications, marketing, human resources and many other areas of business, she has appropriated an enormous amount of knowledge over the last 30 years. Numerous educations at international top-trainers like Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts, Eric Pearl, Gary Quinn, Anthony Robbins, Mark Anastasi, Roy M. Martina and Clinton Swaine.


    Internationally active as holistic trainer in health, nutrition and energetical mental health with exceptional methods. Serial founder of „iMM intuitive mentoring method - 1min-to-go“, intuitive further developement of NLP, as well as „ORINITION® - n(fl)ourish soul.mind.body.“ – an innovative nutrition work of (re-) membering our own body intelligence to name a few.

    Nominated 2019 for the NLP Award for Research in London. 2021 own research center in Austria.


    Find more about my Intuitive Coaching/Therapy form here.


    Successfully Master’s degree in health management with focus on public health, sport and nutrition.

    International PhD studies and research in the fields of communication & language science, public health, health psychology and health economics combined with a master study focused in neuro-/psycho linguistics.


    LinkedIn-Profil with full working experiences/projects: www.linkedin.com/in/bernadettebruckner

    Xing-Profil mit meinen beruflichen Erfahrungen und Projekte: https://www.xing.com/profile/BernadetteAna_Bruckner

    my latest intern. blog-article: http://www.purelyb.com/be-nourished/get-informed/eating-healthy-raw-what-s-stopping-you-from-doing-it

    ORF appearance "ESSPERIMENT" (only in German): http://essperiment-orinition.strikingly.com/


  • Quote


    „Who is never willing to accept even a bigger task than he/she is able to meet, will never make everything, what he‘s/she‘s capable.“ C. C. McIntosh


  • "I do it my way! The highly intuitive Bernadette way!"


    Bernadette has a very high sense and sensibility for the highest potential of people, companies and projects. Along with her charme and great sense of humour she is a win for every project.


    — Stefan G., Fresh Ideas TV


    You walk your talk! This is one of the basics if not the most important feature of trainers and coaches, who I had never met before in this distinctive way as yours. You open all eyes of the clients (not only the usual 2), their potentail and above all their hearts in your training and of course also in your coaching.

    I was allowed to experience how you intuitively and with more playful nearly childish lightness, solved entanglements from previous lives with my wife and me.

    Since this coaching, that definitely would not have been possible with the known techniques from other coachings, we have persistent and a new relationship of totally different quality.

    I recommend the people who seek sustainable change in your life, to work with you.

    I recommend the trainers and coaches who want to train your intuition and want to pursue completely different paths than usual, to work with you.

    I recommend anyone who realizes that there is even more to do for mother earth and its creatures, to be activated by you.


    — Herbert D., Founder of "Coach doctors", entrepreneur



    I can describe the easiest way what I could then experience with three letters, which are just: W O W!

    The fantastic realization is: Intuition is to learn! We have to open again for our gut feelings, it knows always the right way.


    — Jürgen W., Top Business coach, co-founder WakeUpMan



    She is a very compassionate person and she provided me with lots of useful, creative and out-of-the-box suggestions to look into my situation. Her extensive knowledge on nutrition is being combined to her sensitivity and insights on energetic working, which combination amouts to fabulous results.


    — Marjon S., writer, personal coach



    Her down-to-Earth and at the same time open with an ease attitude convinced me. She speaks a distinctive way about spiritual things. Things take you immediately to the point, and it comes across so consistent that you can immediately accept it as a man. My senses were left open and I visit her seminar about „Intuitive coaching“. After I work even for 15 years in the field of personal development, there was a certain expectation. What I experienced then, was a never experienced efficiency and lightness that I wanted more of it. At the next week, I had agreed a Skype conference with a customer from the banking and her. After two hours, it was clear that I would like to take over this type of coaching in my offers and I will support her even more in her work. The cooperation with her will certainly expand and waves. I‘m going for it!


    — Robert P., Top Business coach, founder of WakeUpMan

  • My projects (main ones)



    My big goal in life: Re-member my birthright and fully live my potential! 1000% - no matter what. nothing else matters!


    Nourishing people on their life-path, so that they realize who they truly are, can BE and always were seeing their own potential deep within them, if they (just) knew which brilliant shining uniqueness everyone has deep within themselves…


    Orinition - n(fl)ourish soul.mind.body.

    The simple and holistic concept of ORINITION © shows us ways how to nourish and flourish intuitively body. mind. soul. naturally and simple.

    Our innovative food and lifestyle concept allows worldwide,that we can nurture intuitively ourselves .

    We re-member our bodyintelligence and how we stay healthy and vital for good.



    Some projects are:

    + well-juvenation - stay healthy with EUR 25/week/person with natural food and cosmetics

    + 21-step-programm - the ultimate rejuvenation programm

    + Orinition practitioner


    for more information visit my website: www.orinition.com


    for my current nutrition project featured on the national ORF television please visit:


    ONENESS Health Trainings

    Intuitive Coaching

    1 min. Coaching-to-go

    Who are we, when everything is solved? Who are we, when we are healthy, happy and flexible in our choices day by day?

    What if we can live with 100% consciousness and create what is our birthright? Coachings-to-go within 1 min. possible? Yes with QuantumThinking!


    QHealth Trainings with the intuitive coaching shows you quantum methods out-of-the-box for the new time. Developed, researched and initiated with an intern. expert team.






    Heavenly Training

    Intuitive Business Consulting - simple.effective.life-changing.

    Classic business consulting meets intuitive coaching - with an international top expert team we create business consulting 3.0 next generation with remarkable outcomes.

    QuantumBusiness Consulting® with strategic intuitive marketing, business
    trainings, health promotion and intuitive mentoring. Health promotion for top managers and frequent travellers.

    Business consulting „beyond the existing“ as intuitive holistic support
    of companies, intuitive company marketing, personal development, human resources, support of companies with an international team with longterm
    experiences national and international.



    33days personal business process

    How to fullfill your dreams, visions and missions which you carry deep within your heart? How can I go public with what I love to do? Having a vision, product or innovative idea, but no clue how to make business from it? With our 33day personal business process you easily learn with "out-of-the-box" thinking methods how do bring your vision to earth.

    In cooperation with an intern. expert team in marketing/socialmedia/event management, beauty/styling, business consulting. With many freeware tipps and possiblities how to bring your visions on earth.

    FemBusiness 4.0 - Mumpreneurs & female top managers

    How can women handle the multi-tasking-challenges of today's world and
    still fullfill their dreams/visions in business? How can the women use their female qualities like intuition, sensitivity and multi-tasking-thinking in todays business world?

    Mumpreneurs; female top managers and women who wants to fullfill their dreams a way to fully blossom up in their divine feminity and rock in business with their female strengths and gifts!

    Awaken the divine feminity deep within you (again)!

    In cooperation with intern. business mums and other feminin networks.


    Cooperation with Mutmachinstitut

    Intuitive learning techniques

    for children

    As Peter Pan once said: "one good thought and you fly. two good thoughts and you change the world."


    What if learning makes fun again? What if we learn easily with our imagination and with a little help of our fairy friends like elps, gnoms, unicorns? What if we have power friends how love to learn with our children?

    What if we let our children learn the way they love it?


    From children/teens to children/teens!


    simple.effective.life-changing. and learning makes fun again.

    Intuitive baby communication

    „Dur dur d’être bébé“ (french song of Jordy „it's hard to be a baby“) is for me THE song, which says enough about the first years of a baby: how do I say it the best, that they get what they need?

    The intuitive baby communication supports mothers to know what their baby needs.

    With simple tools and methods.




    intuitive terminal care

    "The path of the soul, is the way back home.“ Ana

    Intuitive, sensitive accompanying of dying people and their families.
    Holistic view on terminal care for hospice caretaker, family members and everyone interested in the topic death and how we can support others.
    Incl. energetical healings and cleanings.


    Please visit our website:



    Passionate women meet each other to create what they love to do: heavenly.design







    Please visit our website:



    Integral health care system 3.0

    What if we create new basic conditions in health.business.education?

    How would be the health care system with a new way of thinking?

    What if the classical medicine will be combined with alternative methods, public health promotion and healthy commun(e)ication with an integral thinking?


    The integral holistic health care system 3.0 will be developed with the PhD researches and an intern. expert team.



    Health care centers & Sound-healing-rooms with sustainable materials, new architecture

    By my interest in new architecture and sustainable materials as well as holistic health, I created with support of architectures, sound healing experts and many more a concept for a health care center and sound-healing-room with sustainable materials. This is a part of my PhD project and a new health care system.


    As well as school buildings with sustainable materials where learning makes fun again.


    With an intern. team of experts - only together we are creative and strong.


    see also:


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    „Listening to your own body intelligence is one of the highest forms of communication and self-love.“

    Bernadette Ana Bruckner, MA PhD.c.

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